Nut-free snacks list and peanut-free snacks list

peanutHIMay 21, 2013:

Q. Do you have a nut-free snacks list / peanut-free snacks list you could send me? I’d like to buy peanut / nut-safe snacks for an upcoming school event.

A. Very considerate of you to ask.

Snacks’ “safe status” can change. Rather than rely on an outdated list, please read food-package ingredient labels carefully and choose shared snacks that don’t contain peanuts or tree nuts, and that aren’t manufactured on equipment or in a facility that processes peanuts or tree nuts.

In addition, if the food is prepared in the home, be sure it doesn’t come into contact with peanut or tree-nut residue on surfaces, utensils, cutting boards, wash cloths or other items, such as peanut butter residue on butter or in jelly jars.

Finally, it’s a good idea to 1) keep the packages of the foods you serve, in case the allergic individual and/or their parent would like to check them, and 2) ask them in advance if your selection is OK.

Thanks for doing your part to keep children safe who have tree nut / peanut allergies that can trigger life-threatening anaphylaxis.